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How We Do It

Students Hifz Journey

Our Students' Journey to Preservation

Memorizing the Quran is a profound commitment—one that our students approach with zeal and determination. It's a transformational voyage that begins with the fundamentals. Arriving with various levels of experience, many are new to the Arabic language. Yet, with our dedicated teachers using the traditional method of teaching Quran, they swiftly learn to read and write the Arabic script. Essential skills in reading soon blossom into memorization, often within the first month of their learning.

Cultural Connections and Prophetic Practices

We deeply understand the communities our students live in—a world where they strive to harmonize their cultural heritage with their spiritual development.  At Miraaj Academy, we don't just connect our students to the Quran; we enable them to weave the Prophet's sunnah into the fabric of their everyday lives.  Our environment fosters brotherhood, cultivates spiritual development, responsibility and accountability.  The staff at Miraaj Academy is nurturing and aware of our student's unique cultural backgrounds, shaping a learning experience that empowers them.

Inspiration and Motivation

Becoming a Hafiz or Hafiza—a guardian of the Quran—is an honor and an aspiration. Many of our students are motivated by the noble goal of being the first in their families to achieve this distinction. They look to us for guidance, inspiration, and mentorship, which we provide through access to American-born Huffath, who understand their experiences, challenges and aspirations. 

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