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He is an Islamic Studies Azhar graduate who has taught and studied Islam for 15 years. He memorized the Holy Quran, and served as an education consultant and spiritual guide for Islamic schools in Georgia, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, and in the Middle East. He has a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies and Leadership.

As an African-American, born and raised Muslim, he understands the unique religious and spiritual challenges facing American Muslims, and has a passion for maintaining the intergenerational continuity of Islam. He founded Miraaj Academy to provide financial access to students seeking to develop strong Quran and Leadership skills giving them the knowledge needed to develop a well rounded, balanced understanding of Islam.

He also co-founded Midtown Mosque in an effort to revitalized one of the most blighted areas in Memphis to create a successful model of spiritual-based activism where sacred knowledge and application are cultivated together.

He is currently the President of Miraaj Academy and Imam of Midtown Mosque in Memphis, TN.