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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is the admissions process?

    Once students submit an application, the Miraaj staff will interview students and their parents. The purpose of the interview is to make sure the Yarrow Mamout Leadership program aligns with both the student and parental goals. Students will be required to submit two reference letters along with their application and decisions are made within two weeks after the interview.

  2. Who is the ideal Miraaj student?

    Young males ages 12-14 who are looking for an opportunity to learn and practice Islam. Our students want to gain a better understanding of Islam and put what they know into practice. The students come eager to memorize the Quran and start the next chapter in their spiritual journey.

  3. Does the Yarrow Mamout leadership program offer academic studies?

    Many of the students who attend the Yarrow Mamout Program are part of the homeschool network. Many students attend instructor led Math, English and literature classes offered through the program. Also the students may attend virtual academic programs. Each year the Yarrow Mamout Leadership staff works with parents and students to set specific academic goals for the year. Most of the students who attend Miraaj receive their high school diploma within the first three years of enrolling in the leadership program.

  4. Yarrow Mamout was a Muslim scholar, entrepreneur, property owner, and former slave who personified the deep links between Islam and America. He was well known in Georgetown and he owned a home that is still standing in that community. Yarrow Mamout is one of the few enslaved Africans whose portraits exist in national museums today.

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