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Empowering our Muslim Youth - Cultivating Islamic Scholarship

By increasing Islamic literacy and leadership capacity among under-served Muslim youth, we aim to spark a resurgence of scholarship and community service rooted in Quran, Islamic values, sacred knowledge, and Prophetic practices.  Our students are dedicated to memorizing Quran, embodying its teachings, and applying them to their daily lives Insha Allah.  Join us in this transformative journey of learning and spiritual growth.

Empowerment through Education

At Miraaj, we believe it is essential to guide young Muslims on a path of self-discovery that reconciles their roles as Muslims with their responsibilities as active, contributing members of their communities. Our educational methodology revolves around nurturing each student's unique talents and qualities, empowering them with the sacred knowledge needed to reach their spiritual potential, and shaping them into compassionate, knowledgeable, and impactful individuals Insha Allah.

Character Cultivated by the Sunnah

The Sunnah is a living tradition that can breathe life into the character of young Muslims. At Miraaj, our students incorporate the sunnah practices in their daily lives such as weekly fasts, nightly prayers and daily Quran readings.  Insha Allah by adopting and practicing the values of compassion, brotherhood, integrity, humility, patience, and accountability, students are seeking a path that leads to a deeper awareness of Allah.  By Allah's Mercy, our students are striving to embody the timeless values exemplified by the finest of men.