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Inspiring Islamic Leadership

Leadership rooted in the sacred Islamic teachings is at the forefront of our mission. We believe in developing young leaders who can overcome the challenges of growing up Muslim in the West by drawing strength from their Islamic roots. By increasing Islamic literacy and leadership capacity among under-served Muslim youth, we aim to spark a resurgence of scholarship and community service rooted in Islamic values, sacred knowledge, and Prophetic practices.

Empowerment through Education

At Miraaj, we believe it is essential to guide young Muslims on a path of self-discovery that reconciles their roles as Muslims with their responsibilities as active, contributing members of their communities. Our educational methodology revolves around nurturing each student's unique talents and qualities, empowering them with the sacred knowledge needed to reach their spiritual potential, and shaping them into compassionate, knowledgeable, and impactful individuals Insha Allah.

Cultivating Community Impact

Service to the community is a pivotal element of our educational philosophy. At Miraaj Academy, we prepare our students to be spiritual leaders and positive contributors to their communities. We believe that true understanding of Islam manifests in acts of kindness, good character, social justice, and a constant striving for communal growth.